My name is Nathan and I’m a freelance Composer and Sound Designer based in Osaka, Japan with a specialty in Video Game Audio and Sound Design.

I was born and raised in Oxford before moving to Brighton to study Professional Music Performance at the British Institute of Modern Music before then moving on to a BA Hons in Music Technology at Brighton University.

I have Performed and Worked with Various Bands over the years and like many Musicians, I started my Musical Journey as an Enthusiastic Young Guitarist. I now play a Wide Variety of Instruments and Musical Styles: from Metal Guitar Riffs and Funky Slap Bass to Exotic Percussion and Pulsating Synthesizers.

My Musical Styles Span a Wide Range: from Ambient Electronica and 80’s Electro Funk to Latin Jazz and Pirate Folk. From Pumping Techno and Metal Licks to Blipping Chiptunes and Symphonic Waltzes.

As an Evolving Artist I am constantly striving to reinvent myself in order to stay on top of the Evolving Music Technology and demand necessary to deliver Pro Audio and am always looking for New Projects where I can experiment with Creating New Musical Soundscapes.

The bottom line is, I LOVE Working with Audio and Visuals. Be it Interactive Game Style Sequencing, Sound Design and Implementation or more typical Film/TV Scoring. I believe Communication is the Key to delivering a Great Piece and I am always available to Talk and Tweak Audio to any Specifications.

On the off chance I’m not Making Music, Creating Immersive Soundscapes or Programming/Developing Games of my own, you can most likely find me indulging in Ramen or Yakitori at one of the various Izakaya’s in and around Osaka as well as taking a bunch of Snaps and doing some Field Recordings!

This site is as regularly updated as possible with my schedule, but I also try to include new tracks and projects, so I hope your enjoy my work and I hope to work with you on your project very soon!