Sci-Fi SFX – Vol.1!


♪♫ Nathan Cleary Music – Professional Audio at Indie Prices! ♪♫

=== NCM – Sci-Fi SFX – Vol.1 ===

♪♫ Overview ♪♫

Included in this pack are over 100 SFX assets for a wide range of scenarios with things like: Menu Clicks, Hits, Eerie Pulses, Drones, Robot/Electrical Chatter, Door Bleeps and and lots of Bloops!

Have a listen to the demo and check the attached links for more information on how to purchase the pack for your project!

(For this demo an Eventide Blackhole is used on the Master Bus to glue all the separate SFX’s together, but in the pack they come in a mixture of ‘Dry and Wet’ for maximum flexibility in your project!)

♪♫ Format ♪♫
WAV – Stereo, 44.1kHz, 16bit

♪♫ Support Email: ♪♫
And I am always working on new genres and style of Music and SFX so if there’s something you want to hear in a new pack, get in touch!

* I release new music and packs all the time so be sure to follow on Social Media and if you need some custom assets for your project, email me for my rates!

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