Asteroid Mining Tycoon - Menu Theme

Here is a fresh track for the upcoming game ‘Asteroid Mining Tycoon’ a resource based strategy game being developed by Swedish Game Company – ‘Northern Lights’.

Have a listen and be sure to tell me what you think in the comments! ūüôā


Nathan's 2 Minute Tips!

So I have decided to create a little video series on YouTube where I break down musical and technical subjects into small bitesize pieces after being asked by friends and peers!

‚ô™‚ôę NightBreeze ‚ô™‚ôę

In the heat of the Osaka night time, I decided to have some fun and make a funky jazz fusion ditty.

Infinity PBR

Starting work on an exciting and lengthy new project with Infinity PBR who are a development company that create procedurally based Character and Environment Packs for Indie Game Developers.

Nathan Cleary Music will be 009providing all the SFX and Music that will be shipped with the packs!

You can find out more about them below and support us on Patreon!

Moonbow - Altering Ego

Release of the new Moonbow single as featured in i-D magazine featuring mixing and mastering by Nathan Cleary Music.

Moonbow - Before Afterthoughts

Moonbow have just released their EP which was mixed and mastered by Nathan Cleary Music.

They have also been featured in i-D magazine, check them out below!




Bubbleman: Journey Beyond The Stars

I’m currently working on a new Wii U title called Bubbleman: Journey Beyond the Stars as well as some smaller side projects, great to be part of the Nintendo developers community and using the Nintendo Wii U Unity engine as well as working with a creative and exciting team.

I’m looking forward to sharing more details about the game and some snippets of audio as it progresses.


One Roots - A Look Back...

Being reminiscent while building this new website made me rediscover the music of my former Reggae, Ska and Dub band ‘One Roots’. (The name is grammatically incorrect, don’t worry we know!)

I came across an old live video and our debut EP which is available below. If you enjoy the music Claude Nteye, the lead singer is still making music so head over to the One Roots Facebook page to see what music he is making now!


Moving to Japan!

So around 6 months ago now I decided to move from the UK to Japan, Osaka to be precise.¬†I decided to move as my job allows me to be pretty much anywhere in the world, in the UK i was constantly working with people from all over the world, from London and¬†Los Angeles¬†to Vietnam and Taiwan via the great invention that is….THE INTERNET!!!

So I thought, why not make the move to Japan? I’ve been studying the language in my spare time for around 4 years now and thought, why not mix my business with my pleasure? I can concentrate on my work while surrounding myself with the culture and language I love.

I definitely¬†don’t regret a thing!